Worthless, useless levels. You can't tell people what and what not to do! But Jim can! It's his game! People shouldn't just go on his game and get all lazy with creating! Jim WILL, i mean WILL, stop this! Jim knows what he is doing! He's professional! I hope in a few years, lazy level making should stop, and goes back to classic Happy Wheels. Messages levels are worthless! People read it. rate it and leave. But does that mean they will do what that level says? NO! People falling for the rating glitch, admit it, they are that dumb, Litteratly. It is all of our faults, you, me, others, for making Jim's site go downtime. Total Jerkface is so popular, people shouldn't even tell other people to go on it and make an account, it will just cause more prolems for Jim, tell them to play the demo! I seriously can't stand this! I'm as upset as Jim! It's terrifying to me in some way! Titles of levels can be lies just to get people to play it and rate it! Why? You're not gonna get an award for it, you will get 0 rating! I would love people to comment on this blog post, just please explain if you know what i mean by this.

Levels with very poor rating and many plays. This equals a Lie Level/Lie Levels.

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