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first one better

As we all know, HW2 is coming up!

I've seen a preview of the 3d rendering and stuff...... But.... I think I'm gonna like the original HW better..

what are you going to do when HW2 is here? are you ignoring it? I really don't think so.... But my real question is, What are you gonna do with the first HW?

do you think you can Multi-Task? or are you totally gonna quit with the original one?

I think I will stay at the original HW. because first of all, I don't have money to publish levels. my parents will never lend me money for stuff like this.

second, I think that the 3d rendering is just TOO MUCH O.O I like the cartoony style so much better....

and I also don't know what Jim is gonna do... will there still be updates for original HW?

  1. waiting for the smarty-pants to awnser

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