You can see my video tutorial right here .

Whether you have a shitty Flash, no panic, you have this tutorial.

The easy way: One NPC

If you're lazy, this is the best way. The player wins when they kill one particular NPC.

At first, you should make this (Image 01), with the Segway Guy being able to grab the blades given.

2015-06-10 17-46-27

Image 01

Then place a trigger just by the NPC whom you must kill with the parameters: (Image 02)

2015-06-10 17-50-26

Image 02

Don't forget to target the NPC!

Done! Now you win when this motherfucker falls.

The hard way: Everyone

If you want the player to kill everyone and win, it's not so simple as the previous way.

Make this somewhere no one can go. (Image 03)

2015-06-10 17-57-43

Image 03

Be careful! The circle shape mustn't be either fixed or sleeping!

The number of the horizontal rectangles depends on how many NPCs are placed. 2 NPCs= 3 rectangles. 3 NPCs= 4 rectangles. Capuche?

Afterwards, make a trigger like this beside the NPCs. They must target everyone. (Image 04)

2015-06-10 18-00-22

Image 04

Two triggers  target the Wheelchair Guy and two others target the Irresonsible Mom.

After, select the ones by the Wheelchair Guy and target an horizontal rectangle.

Do the same to the Irresponsible Mom and there is a rectangle left non-targetted.

Above it, place a trigger like this. (Image 05)

2015-06-10 18-07-57

Image 05

To continue, change the triggers' action to the first two rectangles to "delete self". That was it! The circle shape will trigger the victory when the rectangles will be deleted, that is when those bitches will DIE!

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