As always, here's a video.

First off, surround the Segway Guy or any other character with shapes. (Image 01).

Image 01

Image 01. Surround the Segway Guy with shapes.

Then, just make a tiny, non-fixed shapes behind him. Group it and set as vehicle. It has to have these settings. (Image 02) (Don't worry, you won't transport the segway guy anywhere.)

Image 02

Image 02. The vehicle.

Now, the arrow guns must be attached to the vehicle. You can find it in the hazards (special items) and change its parameters to these. (Image 03)
Image 03

Image 03. The arrow.

The next step is to place two pin joints beyond the place where the vehicle and the arrow gun collide. Move one joint beyond the arrow gun and let the other one there. (Image 04)

Image 04

Image 04. The joints.

That was it!

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