These are my top 11 favorite characters:

11. Wheelchair Guy (My least favorite. Other than the speed boost, he's just too boring.)

10. Santa Claus (He's only good for the holiday season.)

9. Explorer Guy (Other than the fact that he can stick onto rails, he's just boring.)

8. Effective Shopper (Too obscure for a game like this.)

7. Irresponsible Mom (I'm neutral to her.)

6. Pogostick Man (Interesting every once and a while, but overall, too slow.)

5. Lawnmower Man (I can suck up other characters!)

4. Helicopter Man (I can suck up other characters and fly!)

3. Segway Guy (I just like him. He is small and fast.)

2. Irresponsible Dad (He's fast and he can kinda fly if you lean back and forth enough. I enjoyed him.)

1. Moped Couple (They are fun and fast. Again, I just like them.)

Who is your favorite?

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