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Signs are a type of special item added on May 12th, 2011, with V1.38. There are thirteen different kinds of signs that tell you when to slow down, stop, turn, and other warnings. Signs are common in levels. In the Level Editor under Special Items, Signs appear 10th in the list of Miscellaneous Items. Jason also made a threadforsign forum.

On the picture to the right, you can see all of the sign types in order.

List of signs

Directional Signs

  • Left Sign - A green sign with a westerly pointing, white arrow.
  • Right Sign - A green sign with an easterly pointing, white arrow.
  • Up Sign - A green sign with a white arrow pointing upwards.
  • Down Sign - A green sign with a white arrow pointing downwards.

Speed Signs

  • Stop Sign - A classic stop sign.
  • Slow Sign - An orange stop sign that reads "SLOW" in black.

Miscellaneous Signs

  • Falling Boulder Sign - A yellow sign with a falling boulder symbol. Used to warn players of incoming boulders/meteors or any other objects that may try to fall on you.
  • Skull And Crossbones - A yellow sign with a skull and crossbones. Used to warn players of any possible death of any sort. Similar to the Jolly Roger of a pirate.
  • Pedestrian Sign - A yellow sign with an old man with a cane on it.
  • Child at Play Sign - A yellow sign bearing two kids on a black see-saw, commonly used to show children are at play. Level makers commonly add Irresponsible Dad's child as a reason to use this motif.
  • Radiation Sign - A yellow sign with a black radiation symbol.
  • Happy Face Sign - A yellow sign with a black happy face. Often marks a finish line, or a safe spot.


  • Seven of the signs were made by Jim and the other six were made by Jason.
  • This is the only miscellaneous item that can't be set as interactive.
  • A sign takes up one from the art limit in the Level Editor.

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