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Obstacle Course?
Featured Level


Jim Bonacci

Date created

May 19th, 2010

Play count



4.27 (44,000+ votes)

Playable character


Obstacle Course? is a featured level created in 2009 by Jim Bonacci. It is one of the top ten most played levels with over 23 million plays. It was the 8th level ever made, 7th in the Level Editor. It currently has a rating of 4.27 stars with 44,000 votes.

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Lwpeterson50Added by Lwpeterson50


You can play as any character. First, there are a few landmines behind you. But to actually start off, you cross a tight rope above some spikes. Now, you bust down a wall and use the boost to move up to a platform.

Then you spring up to another thin platform in which you knock down. Next, you ride over some bumpy terrain (circle shapes). You then arrive at the floorboards, but be careful here, as these are not fixed. They are jointed to the background, so they can spin, allowing the character to fall. If you do fall, you find yourself in a chamber where there is a large set of rotating spikes, which will kill your character. Now, you'll go up a curve followed by a boost that will push you up to the next area, which is a fan that will burst you through a large wall that will break open. You will now ride up a second hump to reach the finish line.

OS ending
The ending.
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  • Formerly the tenth most played level, as well as the most played level by game creator Jim Bonacci.
  • It is one of the first levels to be featured.
  • The bridge used to be featured in a badge on this wiki, awarded for adding 100 categories to articles.
  • 3rd oldest featured level.


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