North Pole Rush
Featured Level



Date created

December 23rd, 2011

Play count



4.25 (48,000+ votes)

Playable character

Santa Claus

North Pole Rush is a featured level by PhysX. It currently has over 37,000,000 plays, with a rating of 4.25 from over 48,000 votes. Santa Claus is the forced character.


The level starts off next to the North Pole sign. Santa tells his elves in a frustrated manner to move. Now, a polar bear tells you that the launch pad is broken and you must be careful. Up ahead are a few elves making "toys". There is a landmine next to the left elf as if the elf was trying to fix it. If you are high enough, you'll see a chain with blade weapons attached to it that will kill you easily. Next, there are more elves and candy canes. There is text telling you how to fly as Santa Claus, which says, "Time to FLY *SPACE*". Simply fly to get across the gap, but don't fly too high or you might get stabbed by more blade weapons attached to a chain.

Another elf is hanging on a candy cane up ahead. After this, an elf is holding on the ledge for the mountain, calling for help. Fly over the other gap, but not too high as there is another chain with blade weapons attached. Next, another elf is hanging on to another candy cane. Fly over the last gap and the finish line is just after it. If you push the elf that's on the finish line enough, he'll touch the landmine and explode.


  • 12th top rated featured level.


  • This is the first and currently only featured level to force Santa Claus.


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