User Level Browser

The current level browser as of 1/13/14

Levels, also known as stages or maps, are playing fields manipulated by a player's ability to control a pre-selected character. You can play as a single playable character, or even a multi playable character. Sometimes, a level's character is forced and cannot be changed by the player. Levels are produced by players using the in-game level editor.

Levels can be found on the browse levels menu (a.k.a. the user level browser) to find user submitted levels, or on the Play menu, to play featured levels.

Levels are designed in many different ways. Most will require you to finish the level by getting to the end (either by getting to the finish line, collecting all tokens in the level, or activating a victory trigger). Other levels involve skill games, that require you to use your character to complete a goal (for example, throwing a ball into a hoop), and in some rare cases, the level may require the user to not input any movement at all, such as a don't move or an animation level. After successfully completing a level, the time taken to complete the level is shown, and the victory menu will pop up.

Featured Levels

Main Article: Featured Levels

Featured levels are highly-rated, highly-played levels that Jim Bonacci hand-picks to put on the "PLAY" screen. Featured levels are usually considered to be the best levels in Happy Wheels. These levels usually have large amounts of detail, and/or fun playability.
Current Featured Levels

The current featured levels.


  • When you repeatedly pause the game really fast, the FPS (frame rate) will show a much larger number for a second, but the game will not speed up.


  • If a level gets deleted, the replays saved on that level get deleted along with it.
  • Clicking a character's head while browsing levels will grey out all other levels that do not force that character, and doing so on a level with no forced character will grey out all levels with a forced character. This can be undone by clicking the character's head again.


Mobile App

In the mobile version of the original game, there have also been levels made for users to play, but are arranged quite differently from the original game. In the mobile version, you scroll through different character "chapters", which are basically a set of levels assigned for that character. A full chapter contains 15 levels, with the first five levels being the easiest, the second five being of medium difficulty, and the last five levels being the hardest. The levels are presented as transparent grey boxes, each numbered from 1 to 15. When you complete a level and exit it, the level is marked with a small yellow flag on the bottom-right corner. When you complete all of the levels available in a chapter, you are taken back to the character chapter, where the game checks through all the flags and after that, a large red "X" falls onto the character's head, causing the boxes (i.e. the levels) next to it to shake for a brief moment. The screen darkens and the credits are then presented. After this, you come back once again to the chapter, where you are notified that you unlocked a level from the "Select A Character" chapter.

The order in which the character chapters go are as follows: Business Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Wheelchair Guy, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple, Pogo Stick Guy, and Select A Character. In the "Select A Character" chapter, you can choose between the five available characters to play of the two currently available levels. However, if you have just begun playing the app, the levels will have been locked. In order to unlock one level from the "Select A Character" chapter, you must complete at least 8 levels from a single chapter.

Underneath the chapters for Business Guy and Irresponsible Dad, there is a little and short description about the levels. For Business Guy, the description is as follows: Ride your personal transporter through a series of lethal obstacles in a desperate quest for glory. For Irresponsible Dad, the description is: You and your brave son take to the streets, using teamwork to conquer any obstacle in your path.


  • Effective Shopper and Moped Couple are currently the only characters that are available in the app, but do not have levels specifically designed for them (i.e. their chapters are currently empty).
  • Pogostick Man is the only character to have a chapter but to not be in the mobile game as well.
  • Currently, Business Guy and Irresponsible Dad are the only characters to have their chapters completely filled.
  • In the chapters which do not have any levels in them, the words "COMING LATER" can be seen in the centre of the empty chapter. This was not the case, however, when Irresponsible Dad's chapter was empty during the initial release of the mobile app, where the words "COMING SOON" were written instead, hence why the other empty chapters following Irresponsible Dad's chapter have the words "COMING LATER" written on them.
  • When you complete a chapter, and you exit the game and come back after some time, the red "X" that was on the character will disappear.


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