iDeViL360 is a Total Jerkface Site Moderator on Total Jerkface. He is the third most recently added moderator. The other mods are BertUdiePhysXMystickirbypwnage, and Fatality14. His job is the same as what other moderators do, delete levels that break the Level Rules and ban users who repeatedly break them. He joined on November 28th, 2011 and became a moderator on November 24th, 2012 (the video showing that he became a moderator was uploaded on that day, but it is unknown if he really did become an admin on that day). He also has two levels in the Limbo series, both were featured. iDeViL360 has said that he stopped making levels, and he uploaded his last level on January 16, 2013, titled "THE LAST ONE", but he will continue to make levels in the sequel of Happy Wheels as well as moderate the original Happy Wheels.
HW limbo

The Limbo Series.

List of Featured Levels


  • iDeViL360 also has a YouTube channel here and a Facebook here.
  • iDeViL360's real name is Steve Fuhrer


The video he made when he became an admin.

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