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IAMURHUSBAND is a user who joined Total Jerkface on January 2nd, 2011. He is known for his insanely mechanised levels. He has nine featured levels, the most of any user so far. Many users refer to him simply as "IAMUR" or "IAM". His username is pronounced as I-am-your-husband. It is possible that IAMURHUSBAND has retired from Happy Wheels, as he has not made a level since his most recent level, strings. He is one of the most regularly impostered users.

List of Featured Levels

SS Screen Capture -010

This device is one of the ways he makes animations in his levels.

2012 April Fools Day Joke

For April Fools Day on 2012, the level name, string, was changed to "74832174839274891372", and POKEMON TRAINING was changed to "POOP". After that day, they were reverted back to their original names.


  • A scene from TJF All Stars DELUXE.
  • I scene from INFILTRATION.
  • The April Fool's Day joke.
  • GalacticBountyHunter.
  • The secret finish from GalacticBountyHunter.
  • Certain doom?

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