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NO!! Headache Puppy!!!

Headache Puppy is a photograph of a puppy holding its head as if it had a headache. It had appeared before the creation of the site and was added to the page by Adura. Below the picture on the site, there is text saying "Headache Puppy does not approve of repetitive refreshing.".


The most common reason Headache Puppy shows up on the site is because of a 500 Internal Server Error happening while you load the page. An Internal Server Error 500 occurs when the web server running the website has had an unexpected error causing the site to fail. Lots of users speculate that it is caused by the site's large population. It frequently shows up when Happy Wheels is being updated. It might also appear if the player refreshes multiple times, although this may not be true.



Some levels do have headache puppy in them (created using the level editor), for example, some of the levels made by IAMURHUSBAND such as string and TJF all stars deluxe and many other non-featured levels.


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