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Below are the rules of this wiki. They apply to all pages, blog posts, and user pages, however, many threads and user pages are not affected by these rules (with some exceptions). If you are noticed repetitively breaking these rules, you will be banned.

  1. Keep it relevant - Make sure that all submissions are related to Happy Wheels. Any unrelated pages or material will be removed. Happy Wheels is a fairly popular game amongst YouTube 'Let's Players', so an article about every YouTuber who posts a Happy Wheels video is not needed.
  2. No advertising or level pages - This wiki isn't for advertising your level(s). No pages should be made for user-submitted levels, with the exception of featured levels. However, you may display links to your levels on your own user profile, but nowhere else.
  3. No vandalism - Don't unnecessarily edit pages or create unnecessary pages. This also applies to user pages, and other areas where applicable. See rule 1. Repeated offenses may result in a ban.
  4. No speculation - In the event of upcoming Happy Wheels material (e.g. a new character), make sure articles are well-sourced and strictly fact-based.
  5. No custom names - If you give certain characters different names (e.g. you call Irresponsible Dad's son "Timmy"), keep it out of an article and change it (e.g. child instead of Timmy). It is fine to put a redirect page with the title named Timmy, however, as some people will indeed call the son that. 
  6. Don't impersonate other people - It's a Wikia rule, and is a valid ban reason. Do not impersonate or pretend to be another user, whether it be for fun or to give the real user a bad reputation.
  7. Don't do inane edits for a badge - Make sure only to edit pages and add material if it is necessary. Badges are a fun, yet ultimately silly feature, but it should not be your primary focus in editing the wiki.
  8. Keep it classy - Write articles the way you would see them on Wikipedia. Form complete and coherent sentences with proper English grammar in mind, and try to keep everything neutral and open. This wiki uses US English for spelling and sentence structuring. Happy Wheels is notably violent, but there is no need to censor in-game imagery or language as it impedes the purpose of the wiki. Cussing is okay if used to quote Happy Wheels blog notes or in-game text.
  9. Don't be a jerk - Harassing other users in any way is not tolerated.

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