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Please read below before creating an article. If you don't, it may end up in the trash.
MysticSGAdded by MysticSG

Oh man! My article was deleted! I wonder why?

If an article that you created was deleted, then it probably did not comply with these article notability terms:

No articles about Happy Wheels groups or crews

Most group articles don't even last a day. This is meant for the TJF forum or wiki blog. If you think your group REALLY deserves an article, post it as a blog.

Do not make an article about a suggestion you've made or seen.

Just like the last one, it is meant for the forum or blog.

Do NOT make an article about yourself or any other unknown people.

Just like Wikipedia, hardly anybody here has ever heard of you and your page will probably be deleted within SECONDS.

Do not make an article about a level unless it is a featured level.

Ordinary levels are not worthy to be featured as an article. If there is an article about a level that's not featured, it will be deleted.

Do not make an article completely off-topic from Happy Wheels.

Anything that is obviously unrelated to Happy Wheels will immediately be deleted once noticed.

No articles regarding very minor aspects.

Most articles containing only information about a particular aspect are not acceptably worthy enough for it to have its own article. There is no need to make individual articles about every small, individual feature as most are simply negligible (for instance, the presents on Santa's sleigh).

We at the Happy Wheels Wiki triple-check every page to make sure it complies with these terms. These standards may be updated without notice, so check here every once in a while.

-The Happy Wheels Wiki

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