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The Happy Wheels wiki is a community oriented project dedicated to Happy Wheels and other things related to it.

Since this wiki's creation on November 21st, 2010, there has been 82,072 edits across 293 articles from over 14 registered users.

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What is Happy Wheels?!

Happy Wheels

The Happy Wheels logo, also available as a purchasable t-shirt.

Happy Wheels is a ragdoll-physics-adventure based Flash game created by Jim Bonacci and launched in June of 2010. Players control a selection of various, unique characters with their goal being to get to the finish line, activate a trigger that triggers victory, or collect a required amount of tokens while avoiding being splattered across the level by many hazards and obstacles. Users may create and share their own custom scenarios using the expansive level editor, play some of the over 6 million already-existing user-made levels, or take a look at some of the featured levels - the best levels in the game. The game is most notable for its dark sense of humor and its large amounts of blood and gore. The full version allows you to go to the up-to-date version, while the demo stays on v1.52, with limited features.

Jim Bonacci was motivated to make the game out of disappointment of other ragdoll-physics games. In an October 2010 interview, he stated that "No one was making their ragdolls die properly. They'd usually flop around harmlessly or in some instances have the same canned animation over and over." Originally, Happy Wheels was made for fun between Jim and some friends, it only contained Wheelchair Guy, and the first level, Happy Green Hills. After it gained some popularity, he made it into what the game is now, and published it to his website on June 4th, 2010.

The demo version of Happy Wheels has been available on many sites including Newgrounds and OneMoreLevel, but you can only play the full version of the game at Total Jerkface (Jim Bonacci's website) since June of 2010. The Mobile App has been release on August 19th, 2015, while the Sequel is currently being made. It's unknown when the sequel will be released.

The current version of Happy Wheels is v1.87e.

You can play Happy Wheels here.

Follow Jim and Jason on Twitter!

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Who is your favorite character in Happy Wheels?

The poll was created at 13:33 on June 24, 2014, and so far 2572 people voted.

What type of level do you prefer the most?

The poll was created at 15:14 on July 28, 2014, and so far 577 people voted.

Which of the 15 levels for Business Guy is your favorite?

The poll was created at 01:23 on September 14, 2015, and so far 99 people voted.

Happy Wheels Release Log

Version Date Released Update Information
1.87e ??-??-20??
1.87d ??-??-20??
1.87c 11-2-2015 Mouse actions are now saved correctly in replays.
1.87b 10-29-2015 Mouse-activated triggers appear and disappear properly.
1.87 10-27-2015 Triggers can now be set to activate on mouse click. Triggered objects can now have multiple actions applied to them from the same trigger. Objects that can be double-clicked have a blue bounding-box when they are selected.
1.86 9-23-2015 Harpoons can now be set to a fixed angle. If this option is checked, the turret will aim in that direction and will fire as soon as a character crosses its path. Triggers can now fire harpoons and can also activate and deactivate them. Harpoons now have a little light that shows the state of the harpoon. If the light is red, it is in a normal state, blue means it has a fixed angle, green means it will only be fired by triggers, and black means that the harpoon gun is deactivated. Boosts now have a strength setting that goes from 10 to 100 (They were originally set to 20).
1.85f 2015
1.85d 2015
1.85c 5-18-2015 Changing limits on joints with limits disabled will now re-enable them.
1.85b 5-1?-2015

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