Happy Green Hills
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Jim Bonacci

Date created

2006; published on December 14th, 2008

Play count



4.18 (29,000+ votes)

Playable character


Happy Green Hills is the very first level for Happy Wheels, made by Jim Bonacci. It currently has over 17 million plays, and a rating of 4.18 stars from more than 29,000 votes. It is the only level not made using the level editor, as it was digitally hand-drawn by Jim. The level lends its name to the "Green Hills" background. It was finished in 2006, being the first and only level made for the game back then, and was officially released in 2008. The level puts you in a calm, hillside landscape. You can play as any character.


You begin on a flat, grassy surface, behind you is a landmine. You'll go over a couple of hills, then you'll either go inside a cave, or over it, through some ruins. If you go inside it, there is a slope that you will ride up. There is a log bridge and a large gear. There are two rocky platforms that you can use to get across. There is another large gear, but this one isn't as big, there are less "teeth", and the teeth are less fat and more narrow. Now you'll come across three rocky elevators. You then escape the hill, jump over a few steep pits, and make it to a stack of checkered blocks, which is supposed to be a finish line.

If you take the above path, you will traverse over some blocky stones, and then to some ruins, where you will need to knock down a stone wall in order to get passed. After passing them, you will go downhill, and end up where the cave exit was, continuing the same path.


  • Sometimes, when starting with Wheelchair Guy, Lawnmower Man's vehicle engine can be heard.
  • Sometimes, with all characters, after you restart the level, the blood texture will be gone.
  • When you hold on to a wall next to a rocky elevator or hold onto "nothing", the elevator will start to shake once it starts to rise as the arm is blocking the elevator from rising. The elevator may also start to rise and drop at the wrong time once the arm releases the elevator.
  • When playing as Helicopter Man, the rotors can be seen as non-interactive objects in the level after restarting when they are already broken off (see image below).
  • Previously, when viewing this level in the User Level Browser, the date that it was published would be shown as "11/30/99", meaning that it was released in 1999. This was later fixed.


  • The first time the search function was down, any search would show this level. While some may think this was an attempt to bump up the level's plays, Jim said that he did not know why it was happening.
  • This level can be played on the v1.52 demo, but not in the v1.10 demo.
  • On certain computers, when "compressed textures" is checked in the options menu, the non-fixed blocks will appear as normal blocks to speed up loading. This does not occur in the demo version.
    Under the Log Bridge Glitch

    Under the log bridge.

  • There is a way to fall under the map; however, instead of falling off screen like usual, the character can be seen falling down past parts of the background and landing on an invisible floor. Using Irresponsible Dad, the kid can be pushed down either side of the log bridge, allowing him to fall down under the map. This can also be done with Irresponsible Mom using the girl or baby boy.
  • Happy Green Hills is the only level to feature an alternative finish line (aside from tokens and triggers), which is a stack of checkered squares.
  • The landmine on this level is very sensitive. Even a slight touch on the slit can blow it up.
  • There is no light on the landmine on this level anymore. It is unknown what version caused this to happen.
  • This was the first and only level published in 2008.
  • All collisions in the level are handled by basic shapes (see gallery below).
  • The level's height is greater than the height of the space the level editor provides.


Cancelled sequel

A sequel to the level, under the title level2 and also using custom-made objects, was in the works at some point, but was cancelled shortly after. The slideshow below displays all the custom objects made for the level.

  • The building with a custom railing on top.
  • An odd-looking crane made out of I-beams. The I-beams may have been placeholder objects.
  • A road texture.
  • Dirt texture for the ground.
  • A partially completed fence.
  • A lamp.
  • A rubbish bin.

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