Finish line
Finish Line
Level editor item

Object type

Special item

Available in Happy Wheels since version


The finish line is used to win a level. It is one of the the few items that has been used ever since Happy Wheels began in June 2010.
Victory - sprite 1468

Victory animation without the completion time.

The finish line consists of a red rectangular block with 20 upside-down triangles underneath it. There is also a black-and-white checkered flag flowing on a pole.

When a character crosses the finish line, a somewhat short, triumphant fanfare plays and stars of blue, pink, purple, and yellow come pouring out of the flag stick. Text saying "VICTORY" also pops up as you cross it. Afterwards, the pause/victory menu pops up and your level time is also shown. If the player dies before touching the finish line, it will have no effect, which means he/she will not finish the level.

Alternative Finishes

The finish line was the only way to complete a level until v1.48, when the tokens were introduced. If you get the exact amount of tokens shown in the right top corner, you also finish. In Happy Green Hills, there is a unique finish where you hit black and white checkered blocks instead of the standard finish line or tokens.

You can now do this with triggers, however for this, you don't have to be alive to finish the level, unlike the finish line and tokens (sometimes).


  • Sometimes, although quite rare, if you die the exact time you hit the finish line, you will win, but no victory sound will be heard. [1]
  • The checkering on the flag is in a 5x7 pattern with 18 black squares and 17 white squares.
  • The victory tune will be extra loud if you place muitiple finish lines in the same place and touch them.
  • The Happy Green Hills finish line is not available in the Level Editor, but a replica can be made.
  • In the browser version, the last digit of the finishing time can only end in a 0, 3, 6 or 7, while in the mobile version, the last digit of the finishing time can be any number (i.e. from 0 to 9).
  • Back in 2010 (the date is unknown), when you finish a level, you will not see how long it took for you to complete the level.
  • If the player is using a Multi Playable Character, a secondary character cannot trigger a victory with the finish line regardless if alive.
  • If there is a non fixed object on top of the finish line, you do not actually have to touch the finish line to win, the player's torso just has to be inside the win zone and the vehicle has to be touching the object blocking the finish line.
  • When any non-fixed object falls onto the finish line, and the player's torso is inside the win zone but not on top of the finish line, the player can still win the level.
  • If you pause the game, the flag will still be waving.
  • Resuming after finishing a level will not make the "VICTORY" logo disappear.
  • If you place a fixed Block that blocks the win zone you make the Finish Line unaccesable, making a "Fake Finish Line"




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