Farlaineloco (stylized as farlaineloco) is a well known user who joined Total Jerkface on January 10, 2012. He currently has four featured levels. His highest rated and most played featured level is JETBOY-X-TREME, with a rating of 4.63 stars. He also has the highest rated level of all time, Jetboy 2, but it is not featured. The Legacy of Quezal is the first featured level to have Explorer Guy as a forced character. Farlaineloco is known for having good detail in his levels, as well as them being long and difficult. His most recent level is also JETBOY-X-TREME, released on January 25, 2014. 

Social Media

Farlaineloco has many social media accounts, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

List of Featured Levels


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