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A scene from Dawn of the Dead.lv7.
Helicopter rescue?
A scene from Dawn of the Dead.lv1.

Doolie (stylized as doolie) is a well known user on Total Jerkface. He joined Total Jerkface on August 11th, 2010. He is known for his Dawn of the Dead level series, and his realistic gun levels, such as Glock and My Shotgun.. Doolie has many featured levels, which include some of his Dawn of the Dead levels. He was one of the first users after Jim to have a featured level.

His latest and last level is called Ultimate Machine, but it is not featured. Doolie said the 8th level for Dawn of the Dead is "coming soon", but he has not yet done this. It is most probable that he has retired from Total Jerkace, but he has returned in late 2013. He occasionally made brief posts on the forums, and is most likely the most impostered user on Total Jerkface.


  • My huge shotgun
    My Shotgun.
    The Dawn of the Dead series is the second-most-played series (pt. 1 was formerly the 12th most played level).
  • My Shotgun. is the former 13th most played level of all-time
  • Both My Shotgun. and Happy Halloween. are one of the three only featured levels that do not have a finishing method (the third one being Balcony Terror).


  • My Shotgun. is simply a user-made shotgun that fires when the playable character gets too close, same with My Glock
  • Most likely, the type of shotgun in My Shotgun. is a Remington 870.
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