• Lwpeterson50

    What do you guys think of the new featured levels? I personally really enjoy them.

    I like the dark should levels. I like their difficulty, but I think Happy Souls should be a bit longer, and a bit less difficult. I wonder where ofyuk got the ideas for the level names, and where he got the idea for his username too.

    Nice job ImMoreBoredThanYou for getting WeirdFrozenCavern 1.1 featured! It's not too difficult, and not annoying. It's hard to make a level that suits all characters, but I think this level does a good job of doing so. I like the boss, the humor, and no glitches have occurred. Thank you for all of your effort put into the level Bored!

    Awesome Course 7 is a bit shorter, and more difficult. I think it's very fun, and the only minor g…

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  • Bobisdacool1

    So today at lunch my friend and I had this really heated argument about the morality of adblock software, which I use all the time to bypass the ad on HW and the ads on other sites such as those that stream videos or wikis like this one. My friend argues that blocking ads on free websites is like stealing from the website because it deprives them of money paid to them by advertisers that they otherwise would be charging you for. So, my argument is that ads suck and my use of adblocker won't really make a difference on the website's revenue since most people don't know/care and will just submit to the ads anyway. What does everybody else think? Am I hurting Happy Wheels, this wiki, and other sites by taking advantage of their free services …

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  • Bobisdacool1

    To start out with, let me just say that there is no definite way to get a level popular. In fact, most good levels do not get popular on even the second or third try. These are just the steps that I've found to work best for me. Also note, I haven't followed this advice every time I've made a level (hence why I have a sword throw, glass break, and bottle run that have barely any plays. Just trust me; if you think you can make a unique version of a frequent level type, you're probably mistaken.)

    Figure out what kind of level you're going to make. If the level you are thinking of can be made in only 5 minutes, it's probably not very good and you should try a little harder. Get out pencil and paper and sketch out your level. If you ignore this…

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  • Bigbloodhead

    Bloody Blog!

    April 10, 2014 by Bigbloodhead

    Bloody Blog! i don't have any posting!....wait...that's a post  .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................…

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  • BoygeyMario

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! My evil computer closed the window forcefully against my will while I was in the middle of creating a level I worked VERY hard on. Even though it was supposed autosave my level, it didn't!!!! PLEAZE TELL ME MY LEVEL'S STILL OUT THERE!!!! I put my LIFE into that level!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Guppie the Third

    Hey guys. I'm Guppie the Third, "MRSLOBROW" in Happy Wheels. I have discovered a glitch that will kill your character (if not, will mutilate some of your body parts, and if not again, separate Irresponsible Dad and Irresponsible Son if you use them.). I will show you how to make the glitch.

    1. Make a new level.
    2. Draw a non-interactive polygon with a lot of vertices and try to make curves. Also make sure that this is the only shape.
    3. Select Save Level in the editor menu
    4. Copy the data to your clipboard
    5. Next, open Notepad or any program similar to it
    6. Paste the data that you copied from your clipboard.
    7. Try to find the data for the non-interactive polygon you just made (it usually starts with 09:23, March 31, 2014 (UTC)
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  • Creepyboy56


    March 16, 2014 by Creepyboy56


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  • Lwpeterson50

    Overall, the new site is a great improvement. It works a lot better, is faster, and never crashes. So far, the site has not froze loading levels or replays forever, and I have gotton no blue screens yet.

    But as some of you may have noticed, there are some minor, and probably not that important bugs. One, the entire page scrolls when you are just scrolling in the level browser or the level editor. Second, levels that were made, but not published a long time ago, are now published. Some thing I don't think are bugs are that when you rate a level, the new rating does not show up, which I miss, and the Flag as Innapropriate button is now un-clickable. I also don't know what the weighed rating is, and I notice the weighed rating is at 2.5 stars …

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  • Growlithe99

    The newest "News" post:

    site stuff

    about 12 hours ago

    Hello. I'm currently, as of now, in the process of switching over to a new site. Unfortunately I have to disable uploads of any sort while we migrate the old data onto the new site. This will hopefully be only a few days, but there shouldn't be any downtime... just no new uploading. Along with the new site will be some convenient game updates and a soon to be written wonderful news post explaining everything.

    And when you open level editor:

    Lets hope this new site will have the poll, forum, and will look better.

    Growlithe99 (talk) 00:11, March 6, 2014 (UTC)

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  • I8ursister

    Site's down?

    February 6, 2014 by I8ursister

    Anyone know when it will get back up? Sorry about my impatience. I had a shitty day.

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  • Thimo2001

    Hi everyone

    February 3, 2014 by Thimo2001

    Hi everyone!

    I think you're also waiting for the new post of Happy Wheels...

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  • Bertwb


    February 2, 2014 by Bertwb

    I feel as though this wiki needs a big overhaul, we need to revamp it so it looks really good. The first thing you'll notice is that I've changed the header to Clarendon (Clarendon Lt Bt Light to be exact). Are there any major changes that still need to be done? We can utilise CSS to do it, which is how I changed the font.

    This is what still needs to be changed:

    • A new background.
    • Complete the badge image and name changes (it suddenly stopped a while ago).
    • Get article header titles to be in Clarendon (I haven't figured it out yet). Got it, yay.
    • Rename files to more appropriate names, for example, changing standard screenshot names to something more fitting.
    • Other things most likely.

    I'll take submissions for a new background, but it has to follow th…

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  • J192

    This is just my opinion.

    • If the level description or a textbox has the words "RATE", "R8", "R@TE", "R@T3", "RAT3", "R A T E", "JB", etc. on it, the level will not be capable of being made public. If people start using "RAATE", "RATEEE", "RRAATTEE", or something similar to that, the game should detect if the letters "R", "A", "T", and "E" are next to each other.
    • Levels that are exact duplicates of another level(s) (Such as sword throw) should be deleted by a moderator. Unless the most recent similar level is more than a week old or if the creators are the same.
    • There should be a "RULES" button on the main menu. I think a new rule that requires you to be 13 or above in order to play the game should be added.
    • Levels with nonsensical titles such …
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  • I8ursister

    I know the 24 hour was made to help prevent the n00b levels,but it comes at the cost of not allowing you to edit any minor mistake(such as forgetting to force a character) that you made for a day.

    Anybody else feel that this thing needs to be edited to allow people who made small mistakes on their level to fix it?

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  • I8ursister

    It's stuck on the date "1/2/14" and only shows the levels that I made up to that date and nothing after. However,it sometimes gets over this and shows the recent levels,but other times it goes to this. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I checked the Java Script and I debugged the errors that I found. However the errors keep coming back. Could these errors have something to do with it?

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  • J192

    EDIT: I am stupid. I should be ashamed of myself.

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  • I8ursister

    I'm starting to think that Totaljerkface should have an age limit.(preferably 13 as the minumum age) Why? A lot of Happy Wheelers have the grammar skills of a ten year old(and probably are ten). Also do we need more sword throws,jet falls,99% impossibles,etc.? We already have 10,000,000 of them! Use your fucking imagination to come up with something unique!
    Then there the levels that beg for PewDiePie and Tobuscus to play them(Nova levels seem to have mostly gone extinct). I always thought that PewDiePie and Tobuscus were mediocre at best,so I don't see the hype surrounding them. However I doubt that they'd play some poorly made jet fall that took 5 minutes to make. Seriously the odds of them playing your level are small.
    Just needed to get …

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  • Hotdogman1


    December 29, 2013 by Hotdogman1

    hi im playing on wikia of happy wheels. you? i dunno. anyway expect great things from me.

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  • Kerberos01

    Helicopter Man

    December 25, 2013 by Kerberos01

    The new character is so cool, but it is a little hard to steer.Will go and play with him more often, so that I can control his flying skills.And how do you find it so?

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  • Ayedidia3


    December 10, 2013 by Ayedidia3

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I posted a level and many people have uploaded replays for the level and played it. There is a glitch that is keeping the level at 0 play count. Can ANYONE help?????????????

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    No one has thought about mentioning this here? Well here I go.

    There's a new Happy Wheels xat chat someone anonymous created (which means Jim didn't make this). Go to the link below to chat with some people down there.

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    There hasn't been a blog post in over a month, so I'm just keeping this "alive". Also, this blog is more for those who've never found out that this is happening since Day 1.

    You know what's stupid? The modern Total Jerkface community. All the community contains are just 9 year-olds. You classic users must've already saw us complain shit about them, but if someone never knew this apparently, they'll actually have something to be "wary" about.

    Alright, so those who do not understand about what I'm trying to say, I'll tell you what I'm talking about. These children who are invading Happy Wheels tend to do despicible and/or vexing crap. Here are some examples.

    • They make unoriginal levels such as sword throw levels since no one can actually come u…

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  • Dhruvchauhan1208

    Dhruv's Blog Posts!

    September 17, 2013 by Dhruvchauhan1208

    This is my blog post. You can message me here. (If i have done something wrong or something useful)

    Or if you want my help!

    Just happy wheels forever!

    I am nearly a noob of the game so don't blame me if i have posted something wrong.

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  • Beerparty


    September 12, 2013 by Beerparty

    I saw the slider a couple minutes ago. Any other major changes I should know of?

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  • Dobrusha2010

    I think Jim should add some more realism to this game. I mean things like grass, soil, water, fire, moon, walking. I know, Happy Wheels is already one of the best games, but it's not very realistic. Sorry if I said something wrong.

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  • Fieryrage

    Google already failed me.

    Click on it to see higher resolution.

    I mean, come on, context is there and everything, and Google seriously thinks I meant that?

    ...Oh yeah, and I finished freshman orientation. School starts August 19th. Yay.

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou


    August 14, 2013 by ImMoreBoredThanYou

    I was originally going to change the blog I made for my 3,333rd edit, but I don't want anyone confused about the comments or something, and I mean I just don't want to create SO MANY blogs about the same thing, that way every 1,111th edit I make that I catch goes here. Anyway, is there someone else who is more bored than me, or am I just impossible to beat? My boredom has not changed since my 3,333rd edit blog. Playing Happy Wheels doesn't unbore me (since my username makes my feelings self-explanatory). Nothing ever makes me..... different.

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  • Beerparty
    1. Make the compatability to make certain titles not creatable.
    2. Make the compatability to edit the automated message.
    3. Make an option to deliver an automated message to an user or IP that is banned.
    4. Replace the activity feed with the recent changes that admins are able to view.
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  • Fieryrage

    Oh boy

    July 13, 2013 by Fieryrage

    >come back for one month

    >go away immediately after graduation 


    Well, okay then. Jeez.

    To begin with, I might as well post the picture of myself that I posted on Team Interrobang (in case you guys actually bother to read my posts on the 'longest thread ever', that's the community I regular on). So here you go.

    Yes, I wear a fedora while I game, whatever SHUT UP I'M NOT PATHETIC.

    Okay, fedoras aside (and that god-awful smirk of mine), let's talk about me.

    cough because everyone wants to hear about me cough

    To people it may interest (I'm talking to Bert specifically, skip this part if you aren't him, k), I finally got off my lazy gaming ass and watched some more MLP (lel ponies watafag rite guise), in which I actually have recordings o…

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  • Scotsman Wood

    Sup? It's been a long time since i posted on here, i've been all over Europe the last few days so it's great to be back!

    I was at Glastonbury the other month with a few of my Friends from College and i actually got to talk to Monsters and Men! (#1 Song "Little Talks") It was great meeting them and all the bands were sweet! The next week i was in Greece to visit my Grandparents, But why would you care?

    I did not Update my Top 5 levels of the week series yet because i was really busy, but that should be updated tommorow! I just need to look for some good levels!

    Me and McTrash (Maker of many Pixel Face Arts) are currently working on a DanzNews Face. Well actually, i made the face already which took me over 2 weeks to make, but Mctrash is now tr…

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  • Beerparty

    Hey guys, I have important news.

    Due to America's Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) being updated, we will not have any more anon users due to the fact that some could be under 13, combined with the graphic violence of the wiki. The link above is the last anon activity on the wiki. I'm kinda happy yet kinda sad.

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  • Beerparty

    In upcoming anticipation of the 6 millionth level, here is, in my opionin, the 6 best users ever.

    6. kirbypwnage

    5. FireNine09

    4. doolie

    3. Jim


    Leaving the best user ever, of course,


    Six honorable mentions:

    iDevil360, corey1987, PLT,JigsawVoorhiesKreuger, Siaba, flatis

    And another honorable mention:


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  • Beerparty

    To celebrate the 1 year anniversarry of my admin rights, Ima try to get my 1000th page edit and 2500th overall. Wish me luck. I'll need it  (Btw I'm running on CST so some of the edits might come at 459  June 24)

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  • Scotsman Wood

    Hey guys, this is the new series i'll be doing depending if this gets good feedback. The reason i'm doing this is because it's really hard to find good levels these days with the amount of Spam. If you have any levels for next week leave them in the comment section!

                                                       TOP 5 LEVELS (20th July until 27th)

    5.  NEW IDEAS FOR HW!! by sambal14: This had a lot of great ideas and the ending was awesome! But these levels have no challenge and they have been made many times so it only reaches Nr.5. PS: IamVeryBored and Termenoil. this guy would subscribe to you both if there was a Subscribe option in Happy Wheels! Lucky Twats...

    4. FACE-ART - GALLERY! by mctrash: This guy must be the best at pixel art at…

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  • Beerparty


    June 15, 2013 by Beerparty

    I'm sorta back, guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. I've been interning at a sports radio station, and believe me, it's been tough (video below of my last assignment). I'll try and get on as much as I can. 

    As promised, here's the video.

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  • Growlithe99

    Lately, the levels of Happy Wheels have been sucking. There are too many levels which are almost the same as a lot of every other levels, like sword throws, which I just ignore. Even those fake glitch levels are getting popular. The sad part is that some people are actually falling for it, and rating five. And almost EVERYONE is saying, "r@te 5 pls i wurk very hard on tis pls r@te 5 for my hard work yu will geht a free cookee if yu do pls."

    This stuff, it just really pisses me off. I think I want to strangle those guys.

    And also, I have been noticing that a lot of people are misspelling words in their levels, it doesn't anger me, but it does make me think, "Everyone who plays happy Wheels are either foreign, or 7 years old." Not that I care a…

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    (video coming soon...... hopefully)

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  • Scotsman Wood

    Hi guys, i thought i'll give this Website a try so i made an account. Yay...

    Who cares about that, let's get into the list!



    1.   Mods IN THE GAME. People like Bert, IDevil360 ETC. should be able to ban players who are ruining the game.

    2.  Better Servers FFS.

    3.  The forum needs to come back RIGHT NOW.

    4.  A create your character page. If you make a really good one you can submit it to Jim and every 3 months there will be a new character from the public. Then there will be no levels like OMG JIM PLZZ MAKE A GOLFER CARAKTER!1

    5. New post every Month so we know that you're alive.

    6.  "Community Page" Really good players should be able to submit stuff to the community page EG: Dinosaur head, Detailed toil…

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  • SuperCutieDraggy

    It's OVER!

    May 7, 2013 by SuperCutieDraggy

    That One Move Was A Fatal "Mistake". He Could Of Asked Me Kindly To Stop, And I Would, But NO! Pop In And Ban Me On The Spot. So I'm Done. Off It. Forever.

    Go On, Ban Me Forever. I Don't Care Anymore.

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  • Fieryrage

    So let's start off by saying I'm almost done with school, only one more month to go and then I can finally goddamn return to editing the wiki. Ironic, because I kind of lost my Happy Wheels touch over the past few months I've been gone.

    I also want to take the time and say, 'Did I miss anything? Because you sure missed a hella lot from me."

    In those months (lemme calculate here---August to May, so September, October, November, December, January, February, March, god, it's been 8 months?) I've watched MLP and became a not-wanting-to-ponify-every-goddamn-thing-in-the-world fan with my friend in GMT because we were drunk (that's my official excuse for doing stuff that I honestly semi-regret doing), got good grades in school, thought …

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    I just did 2,001 edits on this wiki! And no one else thought of this? I'm going to be the odd one out and I WON'T say that I made my 2,000th edit. Anyway, now time to go crazy on this 35 second video (a victory tune)!

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Okay, so I just did my two thousandth edit. Just wanted to letcha know.

    In other words: 

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  • Sims3Fan3333Alt

    I had no idea

    April 21, 2013 by Sims3Fan3333Alt

    I had no fucking IDEA how I got 23 player played my level in only one day?! Even my level look fun, It about you and your kids or childern I said, got in elevator, but when you got in the "cable snapped"! I saw one of player level  made 1,008 player in one day?! And if you say that I need prove it, here is it. 

    And also, it sound like glitch to me, because other level, 3,928 player played my level, just two months! And 10-15 rated for my level.

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  • HappyGuyHappyWheels

    Glitch!Segway Guy Fell down the Stonehedge!When i Selected guy (circled) i did something on youtube then when checked back,nothing was on a stonehedge! He fell down!

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  • HappyGuyHappyWheels

    guys who wants me to make characters just request it to me by leaving a comment

    and i'll try to make it. :)

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Hello, as you can see on my profile, I have been on this wiki for one year now! Woohoo!

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  • Lwpeterson50

    So, after a REALLY long time, we finally have some featured levels!

    • Ultimate Payback!
    • Land of the apes
    • =Rap battle 2=

    Ultimate Payback! and =Rap Battle 2= are made by sachamun, Land of the Apes is by farlacinecolo, but personally I don't think they are good enough to be featured.

    =Rap Battle 2= dosen't have any gameplay, really. A rap beat plays and you throw in chartacter's voices and whoever finishes them first wins and the loser gets blown up.

    Ultimate Payback! Barely has any detail, and is pretty short. A good level, but needs more gameplay and a bit more detail.

    Land of the apes is problably the best, very good detail, but at first it is a rope swing level(Unorigonal) then you go through some other stuff, I hadn't been able to complete it ye…

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    Well i saw i the comment section of Replays, that Lwpetersonp50 posted this picture (above), he apparently has been on the level for 3.422694444 hours, and later on he posted this photo (below), and it was longer, as i calculated it was 4 hours. So i decided to try to beat him. If you want to try, then here's what you need to do:

    • Select any level
    • Select a character (if it's a level with a forced character then that's fine)
    • Make your way to the finish line
    • Don't die
    • when you are near the finish line, leave the game (don't pause or X out the game)
    • Wait as long as you can.

    Now here is what you should NOT do:

    • Do NOT log off your computer
    • Do NOT shut down your computer

    If your computer is a laptop, that better! Just close it without logging off.

    I just th…

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  • Beerparty

    hAppy easter, guys!

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  • Beerparty

    I have a proposal regarding the Frequent Levels article.

    I've done the math. It takes up 15% of the wiki's byte content. All the text can get confusing. It crashes my computer. So my proposal is to divide the article into parts (example: Frequent Levels:Summary, Frequent Levels: A-H, Frequent Levels: I-S, Frequent Levels: T-Z).




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