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  • Lwpeterson50

    Yesterday I released my level for TheStressBall's Happy Wheels contest! Play it here:

    Don't forget to rate!

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  • Sky Guy87

    Hey, Sky Here,

    So, get in scene, I'm going through all the levels, just browsing to find something cool. Im sorta into free falls, so i searched up "WWE FREEFALL" So being me I just clicked on the first level. It was a bit noobish at first (is that a word?) , but it was really cool. I slammed him into the ground and he was smoshed to bits (is THAT a word?).

    Please comment, as i will try to update this as much as possible.


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  • Impossiblequizfan12

    I don't like sword throws, nor do i

    But if you wanna mess around with one, then here is a template for making sword throws: here is the pastebin xml

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  • Darthleapyous

    Does anybody else hate the fact that when you search for a level by name you can't have below 4 letter words? Annoys me when i search up "MLG" or something and it wont allow me. Jim should fix this.

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  • Thomas Oliveira

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  • UlyssesK402

    Attack of the Fruits

    December 25, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    I made a level called Attack of the fruits. Click HERE to play it.

    It also has an artical! Click HERE to learn about it!

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  • BeatBro

    Problems with Levelmaking

    December 15, 2015 by BeatBro

    There's a heart donation level I'm trying to make, but with the slightest move of an object, the whole level changes. Why is my heart not going in the same direction every time?

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Hey guys, so two days ago I uploaded a new speed art- Tropical Island part 3! I figured a lot of you guys didn't know about this speed art series I'm doing. if you're into detailed drawing in the level editor, I think you'll like this video. Check out here.

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  • Andrew65952

    Before I Start: I dont really know an app format, so i will use one of mine... (ps. i walso dont know where to apply, so correct me if im wrong when i write it here)

    Username: andrew65952

    Age: 14

    Maturaty: (on a scale of 1-10) I usually try to stay at a 7-8

    Why you should pick me:

    I am a mature 14 year old (turning 15 on 2/12/16) for my spare time I like to volenteer for various places, and I thought happy wheels could use more moderators since there is only around 8 mod's (i think) and recently the community has been breaking a lot of rules.

    I know this is short but atm I wasnt able to think, so I dont blame you if you think it's s***

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  • Lwpeterson50


    November 4, 2015 by Lwpeterson50

    So this is just some stuff that I decided to put into a blog post.

    Even though this wiki may seem dead, we still get about a thousand of views each day. So I guess you could say that this wiki is still alive, it just may not seem like it because no edits are being made.

    Also, Wikia made it so threads have a limit of 500 replies, so The Longest Thread can no longer be added to.

    So it's become quite clearly that Happy Wheels isn't really a game I want to play anymore. I'll put all this in a video, but basically this means that I won't come to this wiki nearily as much now as I just don't have the interest to do it. I'll still check here occasionally, but I won't edit pages or anything.

    That's all I have for now.

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  • UlyssesK402

    And TMM 1 is released.

    September 1, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    Welp, I released the first episode of Tiny Moped Man. Click here to play it before I fire a lazor.

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  • UlyssesK402

    !!Lunar Lander!! 1

    August 31, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    Hello. I am making a new level series called "!!Lunar Lander!!" It is based off of a ROBLOX mini-game device found in the ROBLOX catalog. A link for it can be found in this entire line of text. If you click anywhere on this text once you click "View More" or whatever it is, I forgot what it is, you will be sent to the new level.

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  • UlyssesK402


    August 30, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    If you are a fan of Jacksepticeye the youtuber, I want you guys to know: He played one of my levels- My own segway race. There is proof right here:

    I suggest you watch until you see that level of mine.

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  • Lwpeterson50

    So I'm going to be adding video tutorials to certain pages. I just released a video on how to make a walking NPC and I'm not sure whether I should add it to the NPC page or the Level Editor page. Other videos I'm going to release soon are how to make gears, how to make a jet pack, and later how to make a car, and more, which I am going to add to the Popular User-made Creations page. I think these are better than reading the text on the page and will hopefully help some users with their levels, even if they are not the best. I hope you find my tutorials helpful and I think they are worlds better than my previous tutorials. I already added a tutorial on how to use the trigger tool and a level editor tutorial for beginners. Feedback on the t…

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  • Gasd1432J

    Not too great..

    August 25, 2015 by Gasd1432J

    This Wiki is impossible to navigate even for people who have a lot of experience. The articles sometimes make no sense. Rating:​ 5/10 

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  • Lwpeterson50

    So after a very long time after hearing nothing from Jim and Jason, they have stated that Happy Wheels for iOS is coming very soon! I don't have an iOS or Android device, so this is not really going to effect me, but I'm still pretty excited. I hope they make a video showing all of the new features and buttons. Overall I think it looks pretty cool. I like the new hectagon background and I hope they release it for the current flash game too. And of course, I like the new slow motion.

    I really wish that Jim and Jason kept us more updated on it though, and told us why it has been delayed for two years (it was origionally supposed to come out in the summer of 2013), and giving us updates on it more than like two times a year. I also wasn't expe…

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  • Happywheelstogether


    August 17, 2015 by Happywheelstogether

    At the moment we are working at a Level that is called "There is no Level". Today I added a new Boss battle so... check it out

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  • UlyssesK402

    SYS 2 RELEASED!!!!!

    August 2, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    Part to of Save your son series is released! Play it now!

    Or else I fire my lazor at you.

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  • Ultrako

    Levels in which you don't have a rope, nor a vehicle have become exceedingly rare to find.Also, in the case of leetball, the authors forget that you can propel yourself , so the level plays itself

    I, however actually enjoy playing these crawling levels, and the only way I find the rare few is by typing in crawling to the search bar, finding the poorly made levels, and looking at the profiles of people whom completed the levels very quickly,and finding good crawling levels that would not be found otherwise.

    The authors of non-rope, non vehicular levels are hard to find, and these are the only ones I have found (they have non crawling levels too, just sort through em to find the crawl levels)

    Stryker - Many hard crawl levels (some ear assault s…

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  • UlyssesK402

    Making a gallery

    July 31, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    I made a gallery that contains photos of level scenes. When it is one of my levels, the photo will say so bellow that picture.

    Right now it has one photo. More to come soon!

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  • UlyssesK402


    July 31, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    I have recently made a level today! Check it out here! Note that this is part one. Part two will come after a while, but I don't need ratings for it. No matter what, I will make and publish part two some day.

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  • Bertwb


    July 23, 2015 by Bertwb

    I've been coming here less and less and it'll probably get to the point where I don't come back - sorry! Just straying less and less from online stuff to do stuff in the real world. Anyway, it's time for someone else to become the owner of this place. I was thinking Lwpeterson50 would make a good candidate. If you're up for it of course. It's sort of the same as a bureaucrat, just that more people rely on you.

    Been real good here, great times. I might come back periodically or I might not! Who knows. Have fun everybody. This also includes Total Jerkface.

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  • Bobisdacool1

    Hello, enlightened users. Have you ever wondered why the same crappy levels always surface to the top-rated and highest-played lists week after week? Have you ever raged because some 10-year-olds rated your level down because it required more than a basic level of skill? Obviously you have, or you wouldn't have joined this wiki and put up with all of whining about it.

    Anyway, let's take a look at what the HW community likes. The level at the top of the featured list (as of 6/30/15) is Subway Rampage (which happens to be mine :) ). However, as far as actual levels go, there isn't a whole lot of playability. In fact, if it wasn't for the hill at the beginning, the player could literally not press any buttons and still win. When I originally c…

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  • Stamsarg

    Let's start with the conclusion: HW 2 is gonna be greater than HW 1. The cost of paying to make a level will discourage noob levels, and noobs could play HW WITHOUT RUINING IT! Of course, the level editor will be kinda poor within the 1.00 version of HW 2, therefore, Jim will have to spend much time making updates. Along with the work for Happy Wheels iOS (screw Android) HW1 updates will hardly ever appear. But, is there a prob with that? There are so many tools from which we couldn't benefit earlier. We needn't have more. However, HW 2 will. 

    As far as programming is concerned, C++ is WAY BETTER than Flash, of which HW 1 is made.

    Say your opinion within the comments below or die in hell, assholes.

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  • Stamsarg

    As always, here's a video.

    First off, surround the Segway Guy or any other character with shapes. (Image 01).

    Then, just make a tiny, non-fixed shapes behind him. Group it and set as vehicle. It has to have these settings. (Image 02) (Don't worry, you won't transport the segway guy anywhere.)

    Now, the arrow guns must be attached to the vehicle. You can find it in the hazards (special items) and change its parameters to these. (Image 03)

    The next step is to place two pin joints beyond the place where the vehicle and the arrow gun collide. Move one joint beyond the arrow gun and let the other one there. (Image 04)

    That was it!

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  • Stamsarg

    This is a glitch. It isn't hard to make. Video here .

    First off, make a non-fixed shape, polygon, whatever.

    Then, place a motor pin joint beyond it. Select it and change the torque to "99999". Then, disable motor and adjust the speed to whatever. Re-enable motor and the speed should appear as "NaN".

    That's it! Now even melons are deadly...

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  • Stamsarg

    I was the first one who made a level against the naked girl glitches (well, not the first one, but that level became really popular) and TONS of people just copied the exact same words as my level and basically republished it. The majority of the naked girl glitches has stopped this bullshit. However, we still have the douchebags who STILL publish "stop" levels. This is actually more annoying than the actual naked girl glitches.

    Actually the naked girl glitches oughtn't to have stopped. People may become smarter if this continues. Therefore, why not?

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  • Stamsarg

    You can see my video tutorial right here .

    Whether you have a shitty Flash, no panic, you have this tutorial.

    If you're lazy, this is the best way. The player wins when they kill one particular NPC.

    At first, you should make this (Image 01), with the Segway Guy being able to grab the blades given.

    Then place a trigger just by the NPC whom you must kill with the parameters: (Image 02)

    Don't forget to target the NPC!

    Done! Now you win when this motherfucker falls.

    If you want the player to kill everyone and win, it's not so simple as the previous way.

    Make this somewhere no one can go. (Image 03)

    Be careful! The circle shape mustn't be either fixed or sleeping!

    The number of the horizontal rectangles depends on how many NPCs are placed. 2 NPCs= 3 rec…

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    Click here!

    Yep, dylancrotzer the attention-whore is back. I'm not surprised that this kid can't take his ban like a man. I actually didn't see what caused him to act like a sore loser all of a sudden, but I did see that he was banned, but I don't know the reason as to why. Sheesh, how much more persistent is he?

    As of 5-12-2015, I saw that he's scamming people, saying that he'll give "free plays" and "free ratings" if one pays a certain number of money.


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  • Likethisshrek


    May 7, 2015 by Likethisshrek

    Welcome to Sealand (likethisshrek)'s profile. He might be able to do some edits on the pages and might be a mod someday.

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  • Trexy821

    Try to beat my time on these stages! Good luck! For proof of winning, put in the time below in a pic.

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  • Tobiaspro

    not to drop the food

    April 30, 2015 by Tobiaspro

    this is impossible challenge, the challenge where in a level shoopper effective, will have to pass a level not so easy with it and that the food will not drop.the winner is the best in the comments put their replays ==there will be a winner .....==

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  • Bigbloodhead

    Oh no!

    April 29, 2015 by Bigbloodhead

    Lots and lots of good levels,just like featured ones,got ruined due to the new art tool!

    What now?

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  • BeatBro

    No-Blood Challenge!

    April 8, 2015 by BeatBro

    Hi guys, I have made a challenge for you. You must play a level in Happy Wheels WITH NO BLOOD! Once you do it, please save me a replay to let me know. I will decide a winner by Monday. I'm not sure what the winning prize will be, but it will be something special, I'm sure. The rules:

    1. You must do a featured level. That way I can keep better track of the replay.

    2. You cannot save multiple replays.

    3. If you can, try to make sure that the replay is accurate.

    4. Stay away from levels that are too easy.

    5. Have fun!


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  • Tobiaspro

    character creator

    March 23, 2015 by Tobiaspro

    the "character creator" is a new tool that lets you create and help jim bonacci to give you ideas for characters and we can create different character that will be saved by a button that says "save figure" and can reach you has 3 good things the first is that we give you ideas jim the second is that you can create with your imagination the third is that you can load another that is stored and displayed in a list. and also can be elected to the see jim `                                                                 hmmmm the creeper that can not do here

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  • Tayrone11

    first one better

    March 16, 2015 by Tayrone11

    As we all know, HW2 is coming up!

    I've seen a preview of the 3d rendering and stuff...... But.... I think I'm gonna like the original HW better..

    what are you going to do when HW2 is here? are you ignoring it? I really don't think so.... But my real question is, What are you gonna do with the first HW?

    do you think you can Multi-Task? or are you totally gonna quit with the original one?

    I think I will stay at the original HW. because first of all, I don't have money to publish levels. my parents will never lend me money for stuff like this.

    second, I think that the 3d rendering is just TOO MUCH O.O I like the cartoony style so much better....

    and I also don't know what Jim is gonna do... will there still be updates for original HW?

    1. waiting for th…
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  • RobotManiac

    Character ideas

    March 14, 2015 by RobotManiac
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  • Alexummation

    My Level

    March 1, 2015 by Alexummation

    Hey, I'm Alex and I am making a level of Left 4 Dead!
    I was hoping if some of you guys could help me with this and see how (terrible/good) this works!
    Thanks for reading this!

    This'll be done in a few hours or minutes so be calm and continue being awesome!

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  • BeatBro

    These are my top 11 favorite characters:

    11. Wheelchair Guy (My least favorite. Other than the speed boost, he's just too boring.)

    10. Santa Claus (He's only good for the holiday season.)

    9. Explorer Guy (Other than the fact that he can stick onto rails, he's just boring.)

    8. Effective Shopper (Too obscure for a game like this.)

    7. Irresponsible Mom (I'm neutral to her.)

    6. Pogostick Man (Interesting every once and a while, but overall, too slow.)

    5. Lawnmower Man (I can suck up other characters!)

    4. Helicopter Man (I can suck up other characters and fly!)

    3. Segway Guy (I just like him. He is small and fast.)

    2. Irresponsible Dad (He's fast and he can kinda fly if you lean back and forth enough. I enjoyed him.)

    1. Moped Couple (They are fun and fast…

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  • BeatBro

    Alright, Who Deleted My Post?

    February 17, 2015 by BeatBro

    On the level WIPEOUT, I made a comment about what I thought about every Happy Wheels level, but then someone deleted it. I worked very hard on that post. Who deleted it?

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  • Mgmartinec

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    February 15, 2015 by Mgmartinec

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    While you eat or do something like reading this, You will get a special Gift from Me :D

    Data (XML):

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    Fine. I'll stick to the old one or I will only make like 5 levels. PLEASE, JIM!!! Can you just please make it free like the first one? Please? PLEASE???

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    Character Ideas

    February 14, 2015 by

    Name (ex: Wheelchair Guy)

    Veichle (ex: Wheelchair)

    Age (baby, kid, teen, adult, parent, grandparent, very old (youngest one to oldest one))

    Extra (ex: rotatable jet)

    Gender (male, female)

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  • BeatBro

    In my opinion, some Happy Wheels levels are really bad, yet others are really good. That is the same with every game, really. These are the 20 levels that stood out to me the most. (Most of them are featured levels, as you might have guessed.) They are:

    20. Rap Battle 2

    This is probably the best level in sachamum's rap battle series. In rap battle 1 and 3, you did not need to do anything. But in this level, you do. You are literally "dropping your rhymes" into the crowd, by throwing blocks with a sound effect on them into the crowd. You compete with a computer-controlled NPC. Not to mention that the sound effects are hilarious!

    19. Balcony Terror

    This level is very fun. All you need to do is jump off a building and save your replays. The only …

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  • BeatBro

    "Risky Words"

    February 9, 2015 by BeatBro

    I was saving some replays on some Happy Wheels levels, when I got this message that said "your comment contains risky words. Please remove them." It doesn't feel like I am doing anything wrong, though! One time, all I said was the word "amusement," and that message popped up. Can anyone tell me why it is there?

    (My name on Happy Wheels is Wawawawoopie, if any of you were curious.)

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  • The Random Maker

    What do you think?

    January 16, 2015 by The Random Maker

    What do you think of my new profile picture? yes, I did made in HW (You don't need proof), if you want to know what was my other profile picture.... Here you go:

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    This is something for Jim to consider when I get a chance to email him about this blog (or when he finds out about this on his own). So I've written rules that Jim should think about adding on a new "level rules" page, that is if he actually starts on it. Of course, I added some that Bert has suggested before.

    I'm still not done with it, so be patient for me to add more crap. (WIP) = Work In Progress

    These are a list of guidelines that you must follow if you don't want your level(s) deleted.

    No references to rape or sexual abuse. No racism. No references to hate crimes. Happy Wheels is not a place to suddenly promote hatred to any group of people. Not even towards a specific user on TJF.

    I actually don't mind levels where two NPC's have sex, bu…

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  • Mr.pato77

    The Ideas Blog

    January 1, 2015 by Mr.pato77

    In place of making "Idea Levels", I figure we can make a big record of all Happy Wheels ideas. Post a comment about a Happy Wheels idea below in the comments and I'll add it to the list. I'll credit everyone that gives an idea to the blog. If you what a concept picture next to you're idea, please post it in the comment.

    • Bathtub Guy-LWPeterson50

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    This is a little rating system that I made up for myself. Remember, not all of this was well thought out. Feel free to add your opinion(s) about this system so that I can remove the bias from myself so I can stop being such a huge "dick" to certain people.

    First, I will start the verdict at 5/10. Then, I will increase and decrease the rating based on what is included in the level. I will always (try to) do the positives first before I do the negatives.

    Once I have my verdict rating complete, I will rate that level with the verdict rating, but the number of votes I will give will be based on how many votes the level already had before I begin to rate it and how bad the level is. If a good level has about 71 votes, I will give it 10 votes. If a …

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    For those who don't know, i am making the GTA 5 "V" logo. I have half of the ribbon done (the ribbon that goes over the V) and the white outline of the V. Here is a video timelapse of the development. I am really just holding CTRL + Y. Here are some photos as well. Once this project is done, i wil release it along with the data. There is no need to credit me, because little kids that play this game probably wouldn't anyway. People will know who made this when they come to this blog.

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