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  • Tobiaspro

    character creator

    March 23, 2015 by Tobiaspro

    the "character creator" is a new tool that lets you create and help jim bonacci to give you ideas for characters and we can create different character that will be saved by a button that says "save figure" and can reach you has 3 good things the first is that we give you ideas jim the second is that you can create with your imagination the third is that you can load another that is stored and displayed in a list. and also can be elected to the see jim `                                                                 hmmmm the creeper that can not do here

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  • Tayrone11

    first one better

    March 16, 2015 by Tayrone11

    As we all know, HW2 is coming up!

    I've seen a preview of the 3d rendering and stuff...... But.... I think I'm gonna like the original HW better..

    what are you going to do when HW2 is here? are you ignoring it? I really don't think so.... But my real question is, What are you gonna do with the first HW?

    do you think you can Multi-Task? or are you totally gonna quit with the original one?

    I think I will stay at the original HW. because first of all, I don't have money to publish levels. my parents will never lend me money for stuff like this.

    second, I think that the 3d rendering is just TOO MUCH O.O I like the cartoony style so much better....

    and I also don't know what Jim is gonna do... will there still be updates for original HW?

    1. waiting for th…
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  • RobotManiac

    Character ideas

    March 14, 2015 by RobotManiac
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  • Alexummation

    My Level

    March 1, 2015 by Alexummation

    Hey, I'm Alex and I am making a level of Left 4 Dead!
    I was hoping if some of you guys could help me with this and see how (terrible/good) this works!
    Thanks for reading this!

    This'll be done in a few hours or minutes so be calm and continue being awesome!

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  • BeatBro

    These are my top 11 favorite characters:

    11. Wheelchair Guy (My least favorite. Other than the speed boost, he's just too boring.)

    10. Santa Claus (He's only good for the holiday season.)

    9. Explorer Guy (Other than the fact that he can stick onto rails, he's just boring.)

    8. Effective Shopper (Too obscure for a game like this.)

    7. Irresponsible Mom (I'm neutral to her.)

    6. Pogostick Man (Interesting every once and a while, but overall, too slow.)

    5. Lawnmower Man (I can suck up other characters!)

    4. Helicopter Man (I can suck up other characters and fly!)

    3. Segway Guy (I just like him. He is small and fast.)

    2. Irresponsible Dad (He's fast and he can kinda fly if you lean back and forth enough. I enjoyed him.)

    1. Moped Couple (They are fun and fast…

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  • BeatBro

    Alright, Who Deleted My Post?

    February 17, 2015 by BeatBro

    On the level WIPEOUT, I made a comment about what I thought about every Happy Wheels level, but then someone deleted it. I worked very hard on that post. Who deleted it?

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  • Mgmartinec

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    February 15, 2015 by Mgmartinec

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    While you eat or do something like reading this, You will get a special Gift from Me :D

    Data (XML):

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    Fine. I'll stick to the old one or I will only make like 5 levels. PLEASE, JIM!!! Can you just please make it free like the first one? Please? PLEASE???

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    Character Ideas

    February 14, 2015 by

    Name (ex: Wheelchair Guy)

    Veichle (ex: Wheelchair)

    Age (baby, kid, teen, adult, parent, grandparent, very old (youngest one to oldest one))

    Extra (ex: rotatable jet)

    Gender (male, female)

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  • BeatBro

    In my opinion, some Happy Wheels levels are really bad, yet others are really good. That is the same with every game, really. These are the 20 levels that stood out to me the most. (Most of them are featured levels, as you might have guessed.) They are:

    20. Rap Battle 2

    This is probably the best level in sachamum's rap battle series. In rap battle 1 and 3, you did not need to do anything. But in this level, you do. You are literally "dropping your rhymes" into the crowd, by throwing blocks with a sound effect on them into the crowd. You compete with a computer-controlled NPC. Not to mention that the sound effects are hilarious!

    19. Balcony Terror

    This level is very fun. All you need to do is jump off a building and save your replays. The only …

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  • BeatBro

    "Risky Words"

    February 9, 2015 by BeatBro

    I was saving some replays on some Happy Wheels levels, when I got this message that said "your comment contains risky words. Please remove them." It doesn't feel like I am doing anything wrong, though! One time, all I said was the word "amusement," and that message popped up. Can anyone tell me why it is there?

    (My name on Happy Wheels is Wawawawoopie, if any of you were curious.)

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  • The Random Maker

    What do you think?

    January 16, 2015 by The Random Maker

    What do you think of my new profile picture? yes, I did made in HW (You don't need proof), if you want to know what was my other profile picture.... Here you go:

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    This is something for Jim to consider when I get a chance to email him about this blog (or when he finds out about this on his own). So I've written rules that Jim should think about adding on a new "level rules" page, that is if he actually starts on it. Of course, I added some that Bert has suggested before.

    I'm still not done with it, so be patient for me to add more crap. (WIP) = Work In Progress

    These are a list of guidelines that you must follow if you don't want your level(s) deleted.

    No references to rape or sexual abuse. No racism. No references to hate crimes. Happy Wheels is not a place to suddenly promote hatred to any group of people. Not even towards a specific user on TJF.

    I actually don't mind levels where two NPC's have sex, bu…

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  • Mr.pato77

    The Ideas Blog

    January 1, 2015 by Mr.pato77

    In place of making "Idea Levels", I figure we can make a big record of all Happy Wheels ideas. Post a comment about a Happy Wheels idea below in the comments and I'll add it to the list. I'll credit everyone that gives an idea to the blog. If you what a concept picture next to you're idea, please post it in the comment.

    • Bathtub Guy-LWPeterson50

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    This is a little rating system that I made up for myself. Remember, not all of this was well thought out. Feel free to add your opinion(s) about this system so that I can remove the bias from myself so I can stop being such a huge "dick" to certain people.

    First, I will start the verdict at 5/10. Then, I will increase and decrease the rating based on what is included in the level. I will always (try to) do the positives first before I do the negatives.

    Once I have my verdict rating complete, I will rate that level with the verdict rating, but the number of votes I will give will be based on how many votes the level already had before I begin to rate it and how bad the level is. If a good level has about 71 votes, I will give it 10 votes. If a …

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    For those who don't know, i am making the GTA 5 "V" logo. I have half of the ribbon done (the ribbon that goes over the V) and the white outline of the V. Here is a video timelapse of the development. I am really just holding CTRL + Y. Here are some photos as well. Once this project is done, i wil release it along with the data. There is no need to credit me, because little kids that play this game probably wouldn't anyway. People will know who made this when they come to this blog.

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  • RATCHET971357

    Come see the new level impossible , is similar to a ' impossible 99 % ' but it is much more difficultIt. It's called ' IMPOSSIBLE 99 % FAVIJ', is of ratchet971357

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  • PeturDarri

    Anyone working on a holiday related level?

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  • Mysterypancake1

    Hi everyone! I was just on Happy Wheels today and I noticed that the talking head up the top has only got shared lines and all are very generic. That's why I decided to create some new vocals myself. Sorry if that site gives you troubles!

    I got bored, so the sound pack NOW includes 12 different tailored vocals for all 5 current avatars (and an extra 12 for the default Jim), making a whopping total of 72 different vocals! One character ALONE has 1 more vocal than all the original shared Jim vocals COMBINED!

    Also, all the default shared lines are included, as well as a CUSTOM shared line about the cupcake he ate!

    I think it would be good if the head had a couple more vocals, and my ones are just examples. To create your own custom Jim vocals (and possibly add to …

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  • Princess Kenny ;)

    If you've been playing Happy Wheels lately, I'm sure you've seen many Machete Throwin' levels. How do they do that with the weapons? How do they re-skin them to make them look cooler? I want to know. Thanks!

    Also I'm stupid so you should explain like I'm 5, here's 2 levels I've made so far.

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  • CrazyJohn Gaming

    Update v1.78

    November 9, 2014 by CrazyJohn Gaming

    Can you please tell me what the update v1.78 is for?

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  • GhaisHW


    October 31, 2014 by GhaisHW

    Hacking became an easy thing in Happy Wheels. Other than the hacked featured levels, some people are stealing level XMLs, and releasing them as their own levels. I know two of them. The first one is skat34, and the second one is manter14.

    skat34 Stole Farlaineloco's Upcoming levels, Bob The Blob , and MatoBatoo 2

    manter14 stole the 1.Starving Hobo mech, and used it in this level , and stole IAmVeryBored 's level Frantic Lab, and used it in this level .

    MrOrder is suspected to be skat34, because he asked me on skype to help him with "His" level Bob The Blob, but then I found out it is Farlaineloco's, but it is possible that skat34 is impersonating MrOrder.

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    I was going to post this on the longest thread ever, but it wouldn't load, so here's this.

    For some odd reason, two of my levels have received over 1,000 votes in less than a day. The thing is, they're both not featured, and they don't even have 100,000+ plays. Just look at the photos below.

    Is this an error? Was I hacked? WTF?

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  • Mnewman19

    level editor problem

    September 27, 2014 by Mnewman19

    I have a problem with the level editor. I made a level, it took me about 4 hours to make. When I finished making it, I obviously tested it. afterwards, it gave me the abusing the rating system message. I looked through the whole level twice, I never said vote or rate, I didn't ask for ratings, I didn't ask them to sign. Any ideas why the message is coming up? is there anything that triggers it which I don't know about?


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  • PeturDarri

    Its been a long time since I visited this wiki, but I come back with something great!

    I've made a tool that converts images into LevelXML, so you can add images to your levels! (Bear in mind, the tool only converts pixels into 5x5 rectangles, so don't assume you can have high resolution images. Also images can lag the game and editor quite a lot, depending on the size) 

    I'm still making the user interface a little more user friendly, but plan on possibly releasing the tool for all to enjoy. I am a little hesitant though, since this tool can be used to put inappropriate images in the game, which is against the level rules. Here are some images:

    Early version (without color):

    Previous version (now in color!):           …

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  • CrazyJohn Gaming

    First time to do this... anyways, this blog post is for the worst author of this week. This will be by:

    • A level breaking the Level Rules, and making it to the top on a day.
    • Making only frequent levels.
    • Asking for 5 star ratings.

    This week's worst author is... hansberd! You can click his name to go to his user page.

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  • Mr.pato77

    What did you pick?

    July 29, 2014 by Mr.pato77

    So what did you guys pick? 3D or Cartoony? 

    What did you pick?



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  • CrazyJohn Gaming

    Flying Scooter

    July 27, 2014 by CrazyJohn Gaming

    I made a flying scooter, only for Effective Shopper. I released the test version, the full will be released very very soon...

    Link to play the level:

    XML for the Scooter:

    Thank you for noticing! Hope you enjoy it

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    I decided to make a chat for Happy Wheels and TJF. Gee, how many times do we have to keep doing this...?

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    I decided (and planned on doing this since i released my quiz) to publish my Grand Theft Auto logo from my GTA Quiz level. If you want it, here is the link the data in pastebin:

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  • LilZar3000


    July 20, 2014 by LilZar3000

    I'm just saying hello to all of you guys!

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  • GhaisHW

    New version 1.76

    July 18, 2014 by GhaisHW

    A new version of happy wheels has been released. When I asked Jason what was new in it, he said " Just internal updates, but users may experience errors if they are playing 1.75."

    Too bad it is not a real update. :(

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  • CrazyJohn Gaming

    What are you favourite levels? Why do you like them? Everyone can write a comment here, to tell his own opinion!

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  • TheRealThing 76

    Comment and tell me If I should add or take out any levels 

    1. Speed Drive X - bobisdacool1
    2. X-Wing Attack - bobisdacool1
    3. The Time Lab - bobisdacool1
    4. City Rescue - GHAIS
    5. ESCAPE SCHOOL! - LWPeterson
    6. TEMPLE ESCAPE - TheStressBall
    7. The Frog Challenge - farlaineloco
    8. The Banana Peel - Kreftus
    9. INFECTION - Kreftus
    10. DIMENSIONS - iDeViL360
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  • Flokicav


    July 9, 2014 by Flokicav

    Mad victory glitch.

    To do this , make a trigger with repeat setting 4 and repeat interval 0.1

    Make sure trigger is set to level victory

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  • Growlithe99

    of course, i won't be able to make levels anymore, but i won't really care.

    hopefully this will stop crap levels

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  • Mr.pato77


    July 5, 2014 by Mr.pato77

    How do you get the XML of a level you have up in the editor?

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  • BoygeyMario

    I'm concerned

    July 3, 2014 by BoygeyMario

    I noticed that some featured levels were hacked by some guy who goes by "163". Dragon Flight School, & 3D OBST. COURSE were both affected by this person, replacing the levels with rude messages. I just hope that the levels are ok. I'd hate to see such beautiful levels go down like that. :(

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  • ImMoreBoredThanYou

    I made some "artificial intelligence" in a Happy Wheels level. Here are a couple of previews of it. The AI is still slightly stupid and sometimes cheap (for example: jumping WAY too far than usual), but I have to make it so that the AI is not easy nor impossible to beat.

    Mission: Get the ball to the other side of the field. Do not let it land on your side.

    I actually published the level, but I can't show you the link nor the ID because it would break a rule on this wiki.

    When you enter one of the pastebin links, go to the bottom of the page, click on the "RAW Paste Data" text box, press CTRL+A (or CMD+A), then load the XML data in Happy Wheels.

    (1st creation) (Stupid and cheap)

    (2nd creation)…

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  • Mr.pato77

    Don't they sort of look like human versions of Chip and Dale?--> 

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  • Flokicav


    June 30, 2014 by Flokicav

    I see lots of people playing Happy Wheels and they are very fast at some levels in Happy Wheels.

    And here you post your record at Happy Wheels Wiki.

    Records can be

    - Most badges in one day 

    - Most comments in one day

    - Most edits

    - Most Badges

    - Longest time on Wikia

    Happy Wheels

    - (Your) Most played level

    - (Your) Fastest Replay

    - (Your) Favorite Level

    and other...

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  • Lwpeterson50

    I can't even work on any of my levels right now because of a glitch in the Happy Wheels level editor. It's hard to explain, but when I go to the color selector, and click somewhere else on the screen, the color selector goes to a different color, and when I try to put a shape down or do a polygon shape, it just changes colors again. I can only switch tools by pressing 'esc' which will then leave the color selector. Are any of you guys having this glitch? Jason said he is working on fixing the glitch, so hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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  • Editor19


    June 14, 2014 by Editor19

    I tried to save and load my levels, but there's some kind of error. This lasted 3 days. Help

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  • Vastscatman

    you cant open or make levels,and the news wont open. i think a site move or something like that will happen.

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    What do you think of instumental sound FX in the trigger tool? And i'm mostly thinking about percussion. Because, you know, like they use sound FX like thuds and impact sounds and stuff to make music? What is your opinion on adding an instument or at least, a percussion category to the trigger sound FX? I'm not saying that Jim should add this. I just want opinions. :)

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  • RealgrandpaJoeWCG

    Well, like how i get my ideas of creating a level, i get the idea by what i play. But not always. But this level i'm 

    making is part of the Frequent Levels page. I am making a Quiz level, but i take shitty, awful, made-in-under-a-minute levels, and make them fun and enjoyable. This quiz level i'm making is going to be called "The GTA Quiz". You should already know what GTA is (Grand Theft Auto), and it's gonna include a ton of triggers. Right now i am working on the intro of the level. It starts off in a green hallway, and the intro music begins to play. As text above the forced character (Segway Guy) appears over his head to the rythem of the beat playing. Then the GTA logo appears seprately to the rythem of the beat playing. (GRAND| THEFT…

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  • Lwpeterson50

    New level!

    May 30, 2014 by Lwpeterson50

    Hey guys, I just released my new level, 'ESCAPE SCHOOL!'. Play it here: Feedback would be much appreciated!

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  • Mr.pato77

    Happy Wheels Park

    May 17, 2014 by Mr.pato77

    I keep on seeing this leveling being posted by differnt users:

    What is it? 

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  • Editor19


    May 14, 2014 by Editor19

    I launched Happy Wheels today, and all the levels are gone! Only my levels are okay. Has the game moved?

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  • Editor19


    May 12, 2014 by Editor19

    There is a rare glitch where you play as Pogostick Man, then jump against a harpoon. When suddenly, it hits your torso, but it randomly teleported to your head.

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